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New Arrival From Taidea Subordinated “Grinder” Brand ----Grinder is around your side , makes your life colorful
  FORM:Tony    DATE:2015-12-29    『BACK

Grinder, one of the ancient Chinese thirty-six working fields, has deep historical culture foundation. We aim to endow some connotation for the times, devote ourselves to inherit fine traditional culture, actively carry forward innovative thoughts and manage to realize the value of social recognition.

Through our R&D elites teamwork, now Grinder brand launched a nice-looking classic kitchen knife sharpener again, suitable for common family consumers. It also witnessed that we are inheriting the excellent traditional culture and the good faith of meeting consumer demands.

This time the item of kitchen knife sharpener we pushed out is TG1503, it uses unique sharpening construction, not only suitable for common kitchen knife sharpening, but also can sharpen the serrated edge knives, including bread knife.


TG1503 is classic two-stage design. The first stage is made of carbide for coarse sharpening. It can open the edge and repair the serious blunt knife edges, which can solve the grinding problem perfectly for blunt knife. The second stage is made of 95 # ceramic for fine polishing, which can maintain the general damaged blades, suitable for knife honing, both the serrated edge knives .

 The perfect explanatory note to our TG1503 is exquisite craftsmanship, forever good quality, mult-functions meets. We will constantly keep working, commit to produce better products for general family users, and will submit a much more satisfying answer sheet to family kitchen in the future.


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