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Name: Household Electric Knife Sharpener
Model: T1031D
Brief: 1、Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives.
2、For ceramic knives, best results and fast.
3、Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high efficiency and fine sharpening result.
4、Accurate angle guide and constant sharpening pressure reshape the perfect blade. 
5、Stainless steel decoration creates a noble, bright appearance, and easy to clean.
6、Replaceable sharpening head, extend product life, economic and environmental protection.
7、Applicable voltage 100-240 VAC, 50HZ—60HZ.
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Product Detail :

Electric Diamond Knife Sharpener

Important Safeguards
1、Please read all instructions carefully before use.
2、To protect against the risk of electronic shock, do not immerse it in water or other liquid.
3、Before sharpening, make sure that the knife is clean, and sharpen knives according to the instructions.
4、Make sure the switch is disconnected before charged.
5、The knife sharpener must be placed on a stable work surface when using.
6、Do not close the hot objects.
7、Do not attempt to sharpen scissors, axes or any tool that cannot move freely in the sharpening groove.
8、Do not sharpen knives with oil, water and lubricants.
9、Do not use this knife sharpener in direct sunlight or humid environment.
10、Do not use it when there are children near by.
11、Disconnect the power when not in use or cleaning.


Features and Functions

1、Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives.
2、For ceramic knives, best results and fast.
3、Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high efficiency and fine sharpening result.
4、Accurate angle guide and constant sharpening pressure reshape the perfect blade.
5、Stainless steel decoration creates a noble, bright appearance, and easy to clean.
6、Replaceable sharpening head, extend product life, economic and environmental protection.
7、Applicable voltage 100-240 VAC, 50HZ—60HZ.

How to use

First ensure the power switch of the sharpener is disconnected; then connect the adapter and power supply; last turn on the switch of the sharpener. (a. connected the adapter  b. connect the power supply  c. turn on the power switch)
1、Sharpening methods: T1031D

1)Coarse sharpening
Coarse sharpening part is shown in picture 5, marked with “1”, please refer to the sharpening method of T1030D.

Coarse sharpening part is for putting the first edge of knife and repairing serious-damaged knives.

2)Fine Honing
Fine honing part is shown in picture 5, marked with “2”, please refer to the sharpening method of T1030D.

Under normal circumstances, it is suggested to use weekly or daily, to keep your blade sharp at any time.


1、Unplug the power before maintenance.

2、Disassemble, clean and install the sharpening head.

3、Please replace a new sharpening head when the original one does not work properly due to abrasion.

4、The exterior of the sharpener should be wiped by damp cloth, do not immerse the sharpener in water or other liquid.

5、The sharpener should be kept in the cool and dry environment.

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