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Name: Electric sharpening head
Model: T1093D
Attribute: 110*50*50mm
Brief: 1.Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives.
2.For ceramic knives,best results and fast. 
3.Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high sfficiencry and fine sharpening result. 
4.Accurate angle guide and constant sharpening pressure renshape the perfect blade.
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Product Detail :
  Electric sharpening head for T1031D
Product Feature:
1.Applicable to kitchen knives of various materials and ceramic knives.
2.For ceramic knives,best results and fast. 
3.Diamond and ceramic material guarantee high sfficiencry and fine sharpening result. 
4.Accurate angle guide and constant sharpening pressure renshape the perfect blade.

Using introduction:
1.Please replace a new sharpening head when the original one does not work properly due to abrasion.
2.Disassembie,clean and install the sharpening head.
(1)Disassemble the sharpening head,rotate the sharpening head clockwise following A,pull out after the rotation stopped.
(2)Clean the sharpening head,remove the cover followingB,replace the cover after Pouring sharpening crumbs.
(3)Install the sharpening head,insert sharpening head into the body of the Sharp-ener following C until it is tightened.

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