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Name: Non-petroleum Honing Oil
Model: T0926O
Attribute: 120ML
Brief: 1.Mineral extracted, colorless & odorless oil which meet the requirement of food safety and environmental protection.
2.Excellent function for lubrication and antirust.
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Product Detail :
  Non-petroleum Honing Oil
Product Features:
1.Mineral extracted, colorless & odorless oil which meet the requirement of food safety and environmental protection.
2.Excellent function for lubrication and antirust.

Using introduction:
1. Drop some on the surface of whetstone or diamond stone before sharpening, also can be used depend on actual need.
2. Add a little oil on the surface of knife after sharpening which can improve the ability of antioxidant and rust resistance.

1. The volume should not be too much when using.
2. Please tighten cap in order to avoid leakage after use.

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